In the past, I was primarily a WordPress gal who stood firm that there was nothing better for building and selling websites.

Then I met Moe. And Moe threw me a few curve balls.

Moe had a 4-year-old restaurant website that was built by a buddy who disappeared and never touched it again.

I know what you’re thinking, “That sucker was still working?” Yes and no. Mostly no. Moe not only needed an updated design, but a new backend to replace his expired, un-updated mess.

Moe was not a happy camper with the upfront cost that I presented to him to get everything updated and functioning properly on WordPress. That was when I started searching to see if there were any other options and I was introduced to GoCentral.

GoCentral vs. WordPress

Why use a website builder like GoCentral instead of WordPress? This question makes me giggle.

As I stated before, I stood firm on using only WordPress. But I soon learned that GoCentral offered all the features that Moe needed for a low monthly fee. It was music to my ears! They were all bundled together, so I didn’t have to piece together the features he needed using various plugins — which as we know can create a large bill for the client.

If you’re looking for how to build websites that just about any client can afford, GoCentral offers a great solution. Building websites is easier when the tools you use automatically lower upfront costs for your customers.

GoCentral was on sale for $3.00 per month, so I thought, why not? Moe needed a solid, reliable, good looking restaurant website that offered a storefront with an SSL in place to sell his BBQ sauce. (Did I mention it’s awesome BBQ sauce?)

gocentral store front screen shot

Using WordPress and plugins like WooCommerce to get all the features necessary for a reliable storefront can be a browbeating experience for anyone without extensive experience in web development. GoCentral enabled me to get Moe’s storefront up and running in 30 minutes.

The layout is user friendly and modules flow in an organized working order.

gocentral screen shot

The biggest difference I found between GoCentral and WordPress is that all my edits are done on the right side panel, and those changes are instantly reflected in the left viewing area. You can see what your work looks like at exactly the same time you’re entering it.

How To Build And Sell Websites GoCentral Edit

There’s no clicking “Preview” or “Update” to see how your page design looks, as you do with WordPress. (Those extra click times can add up, making building websites a challenge!)

This real-time editing feature is a huge timesaver when you’re looking into how to build websites. As the old saying goes, “Time is money!”

What are the GoCentral features, and what types of clients are they good for?

GoCentral gives you the ability to have bells and whistles without the high cost. There are four different plan levels to choose from, and they all include mobile responsive design, hosting and 24/7 support.

gocentral plans

A Personal Plan is great for the client that wants what we call a walking brochure. They want to edit text or images but have no need to take any sort of payment. Think of it as a holding place for information.

A Business Plan is for a bit more of a serious client, because they understand the advantage of good SEO and have a need for an SSL certificate.

A Business Plus Plan is for a client who wants to get into the game with their online marketing. They understand the need for the Business Plan features, but also want to integrate marketing tools to help get the most out of their online presence. Business Plus includes built-in email marketing and social media integration.

The Online Store Plan is the most comprehensive package available. It’s for a client who wants to not only get the most out of their online presence, but use their website to generate revenue by having an automated storefront. Like Moe with his awesome BBQ Sauce!

Accelerate the customization time

The biggest difference I noticed between how to build websites with GoCentral and WordPress is the process of selecting a theme and the design style.

WordPress gives you an empty slate, and it can be time-consuming to start a design from scratch. GoCentral has pre-built responsive theme styles — recommended to you based on your site name and industry — ready to go.

You can customize color, font, text and images, of course, but there are literally hundreds of personalized features and thousands of high-quality stock images out-of-the-box for endless possibilities.

It really does have foolproof design tools to help you make the style 100-percent originally you!

Building websites boils down to time

The less time it takes to produce a quality website, the higher and faster pay reaches your pocket. That’s what GoCentral does for you … while still providing a quality, responsive website that you’ll be proud to present to your client.

How To Build And Sell Websites Recurring Revenue

Editor’s note: Struggling with selling? Learn how to sell without feeling like a slimy salesperson.

Give it a shot. Try GoCentral .

Image by: Joshua Sortino on Unsplash