Author: Kristyn

Should I choose a Windows or Linux hosting account?

laptop with rocket in front of it representing cheap hosting

If you’ve already decided you need a hosting account, you might get slipped up when you get asked, “Linux or Windows?” Fortunately, there isn’t a big difference between them and either type of account works for most customers. To make sure you do get the right type of account, though, you should choose the type […]


3 tips for brand recovery after getting negative press

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If there’s one thing every entrepreneur loves, it’s a glowing review of their company. Whether it’s an eloquent interview with your CEO in a national newspaper, quotes on well-known blogs where you’re positioned as an expert, or positive recommendations on sites like Yelp or Facebook, good press calls for celebration. This is how businesses generate […]


How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

Young girl using smart phone,Social media concept.

How much do Facebook ads cost? Like all ad strategies, the total cost is ultimately up to you. But how these costs are derived and how much you need to spend to be effective is a different story. Understanding what factors affect how much Facebook ads cost can help you lower costs without lowering conversion […]


Long Tail Keywords: Secret Formula to a Lucrative Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Getting your page listed at the top of any search engine result page is like standing on a three-tiered podium after a major competition; sure, second and third place still gets you recognition, but you want the gold. Aside from paying for ads, there are a few tweaks that you can make to the content of […]


How to get customers to visit and shop in your online store

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For every business that sells products online, there is one theme that’s constantly running through their strategy sessions: how to get customers. To get customers, online retailers need to take a strategic approach to marketing, site design, shopping experience, processing sales, driving traffic, and communicating with customers. Each of those elements play a critical role […]


How to Value Impressions, Clicks and Conversions

hand writing conversion rate on a white-board

Sorting out the data produced by an online ad campaign can be an intimidating task, especially if you’re new to online advertising or are unfamiliar with the terminology. Understanding the difference between impressions, clicks and conversions will help you make sense of your campaign stats, and help you put them in their proper context so […]


How to sell stuff online: A comprehensive guide for eCommerce success

woman shopping online

I’ll let you in on a little secret — eCommerce isn’t going anywhere. In fact, 96 percent of Americans prefer to shop online. Ninety-six percent! And why not? When you can browse for goods from the comfort of your bed, purchase a product with the click of a button, and expect it to be shipped quickly (and […]


Landing Page Vs Website

example of a landing page

You made your website to pull in customers and leads online—so do you really need more pages? It’s tempting to put up your website and consider the online lead box checked. However, this isn’t the case. When it comes to a landing page vs website, your website is your entire online first impression, while your […]


Why use GoCentral (Studio K Web Design’s Website Builder) website builder?

godaddy gocentral website builder editor page

In the past, I was primarily a WordPress gal who stood firm that there was nothing better for building and selling websites. Then I met Moe. And Moe threw me a few curve balls. Moe had a 4-year-old restaurant website that was built by a buddy who disappeared and never touched it again. I know […]


How to sell without feeling like a slimy salesperson

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Does the thought of selling make you wanna crawl into a dark hole? Are you fearful that talking about your product/service/amazeballsness turns you into a used car salesman overnight (greasy pompadour and mismatched suit included)? Will ya roll your eyes at me if I tell you that you can learn how to sell sans the un-pushy conversation with no pressure […]